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Ramon J. Garcia, Ph.D.
Managing Member

As a founder and managing member of Dynacell Life Sciences, LLC , Dr. Garcia brings 20 years of expertise in science, biotechnology, and product commercialization to the company. He has successfully made the transition from science to business and is well-versed in new product discovery, development, and commercialization. He has also served on the company's board of advisors since its founding.

Prior to founding Dynacell Life Sciences, Dr. Garcia was a founding member and officer of Azco PharmChem and later Azco BioTech in San Diego, California. While at Azco, he oversaw successful efforts to expand the company's production capacity by opening multiple  manufacturing and warehousing facilities in Missouri and California. This company has continued to develop and provide solutions for nucleic acid synthesis and detection. Operating from the established technology platform of nucleic acid chemistry, Azco BioTech has been able to serve the global genomics market.  

Prior to Azco BioTech, Dr. Garcia was responsible for the marketing and product line development of synthetic nucleic acids as well as microbial detection technologies at Transgenomic Inc. of Omaha, Nebraska and Aston, Pennsylvania. Before Transgenomic, he held several positions in support, marketing, development and operations at Cruachem LTD and Annovis Inc., both now part of Transgenomic.

Dr. Garcia received his B.A. in Biology from LaSalle University and his Ph.D. in Pathology and Cell Biology from Thomas Jefferson University, where he held several fellowships from the National Institutes of Health. Currently, Dr. Garcia holds an Assistant Professorship in Microbiology and Infectious Disease at LaSalle University and is active in multiple regional technology councils, start-up companies and professional organizations.

H. A. McKay, M.B.A.

Biography to follow soon.